Case Study


Of Achievements



Ramesh, was working in a company as an Operation Manager. He was with full sincerity working from 09 am to 06 pm, Obeying all tasks given to him by the Senior Management. For such sincerity he received many award certificates from his company. Such certificates just handed over to him in-person or in-between all office staff members . But one day he had to leave the company due to some personal issues and he had some misunderstanding occurred with his Boss for not serving the notice period. Then suddenly one day he got an interview call from some company. He was very confident that with such company’s awarded certificates he could crack the interview easily but he was shocked when he heard that we could not able to verify that he was awarded with such certificates. Previous company on call rejected to answer anything about recognition’s he earned while working hard.

Ramesh Got Job

Although he got job because of his knowledge but at low pay scale than what he was getting before.

If Ramesh

If Ramesh’s employer was associated with then this will never happen..