Hiring with S P S

Traditional Hiring, the system is all about faith and judgement of interviewer . Process involved and not limited to:
Vacancy advertisement ,
Hiring a recruitment Consultancy,
Candidates within closed relation circle or through Internal Job Posting benefits, Judgement as per unverified documents , Test, GD , OonO etc,
If in future all not goes well with the work demonstration of that candidate, then companies usually hired a Third agency to check the authenticity of the one recruited and to find a solution of the mistakenly done recruitment and again the same process started for another one.

Skilled Professional Shield “SPS” is a service run by SkilledProfessional.org for “Brilliant One Consultancy (B1)” and it successfully eliminates the phrase of “mistakenly recruited”.
Companies don’t need to hire a third agency for verification purposes.

Brilliant One Consultancy is a subsidiary company of Tech Giant Indian Network Ecosphere.